Pros And Cons of Spending Easter With Your Family

April 15, 2022

My family is home for Easter, and I have mixed feelings. I’m excited to spend time with them, but at the same time, I’m not ready for their wahala. There are pros and cons to spending your Easter holidays with your family. I’ve listed five of them in this article.

Pro: There may be plenty of food to eat

Even if nothing special is happening for Easter, there’s a high chance someone in the house will at least make food for everyone to eat. And the sweet thing about spending holidays with family is that they always cook as if it’s the last supper. There’ll be so much food, you’ll eat until you can no longer breathe properly. 

Con: There’s a high chance you’ll be involved in the cooking of it

You’re in your family house, people are cooking, and you think they won’t call you to enter kitchen? The chances of that happening are very rare. Instead of resting, you’ll spend your Easter Sunday cutting onions in the kitchen. 

Pro: At least there will be light in your family house

Because they want everyone to enjoy themselves and be comfortable, whichever family member’s house you’re staying at will try to make sure there’s constant light. If there’s no NEPA light, the generator will be put on. It’s not your money being spent on diesel, so you have no worries.

Con: You will be billed left and right by most family members

You might not be contributing to buying diesel, but money will still leave your account. Being around family members means ultimate billing. That’s when your cousin will remember that they want to buy a new phone, and your uncle wants to start a business and needs money. Then  your sibling whose laptop has spoilt. See, your money will finish. 

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Pro: Family drama

Being around family means there’ll be sweet drama to spice up your boring life. That’s when you’ll find out that when it comes to betrayal, Judas is learning compared to your family. Drama can be interesting when you’re not involved and you’re just a waka pass. 

Con: Family drama

It’s quite impossible for you not to be dragged into the drama. It’s either it’s about you and how you changed it for that aunty who tried to throw shade at you. Or you’re settling wahala between two family members who decided that the right time to bring up their beef is in the middle of Easter lunch. 

Pro: You get to bond with your family?

If you spend your Easter with your family, you’ll spend time talking to them, laughing your eyes out over jokes, reminiscing over childhood memories etc. It’ll be a well-spent holiday. 

Con: They may get on your nerves

It’s almost nearly impossible for you to spend four days with your family members and they won’t get on your nerves once. One of the ways they can annoy you is by constantly bringing up your latest lifestyle choices they don’t agree with: your tattoos, coming home late, your drinking etc. There’s always something they’ll use to stress you out.


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Pro: You’ll get to be around family you don’t see often

One thing about growing up and moving around — going to school, travelling, getting an apartment, etc. — is that you don’t get to see a lot of your favourite family members that often. Holidays are usually the times when you spend time with them, especially the ones you haven’t seen in a while.

Con: You won’t have any personal space 

Being at home with family means they’ll be in your face a lot. You have your mother, who’s constantly trying to gist with you and the younger ones who want to look at pictures and apps on your phone. And then your father, who is always complaining you’re always in your room or on your phone. You won’t be able to catch a break. 

If you’re spending the holiday with your family, just be prepared for anything that happens. One thing we can guarantee though is that your Easter won’t be boring. 

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