If you  think that there’s only one type of people who watch romantic movies — the ones who love love — you’re wrong. There are five types of romantic movie watchers. Find them below.

The “God when”

At every single point in the movie, especially in areas where the romance is peak, be prepared to hear “God when?” “God, am I not your child?” and “God please nowww!” In summary, just be prepared to be frustrated because these ones won’t allow you to hear word until God does their own.

The Analysers 

They analyse every part of the movie and tell you what can and what can’t happen in real life. They won’t let you just enjoy the fact that it’s a movie. 

The cryers 

If you’re with a cryer, just make sure tissue is nearby. The scene may not even be remotely sad but they’re already sniffling. Imagine if it’s now a scene where the man stops the love of his life at the airport from getting on a plane and there’s a big emotional exchange between the two. Oh the floodgates!

The Haters

These ones are upset because they lack romance in their lives, and so they hate to see romance happen to anyone else, including movie characters. At every point of the movie, you’ll find them hissing and getting upset at the characters for no reason.

“Can never be me” 

These types of romantic movie watchers always claim they can never do the romantic things they see in movies, especially when a particular amount of simping is involved. Imagine watching Titanic with them: “Jack stayed in that freezing water for Rose? Can never be me.”

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