Everything That Happens When You Lose Your Phone

January 17, 2020

The panic you feel when you first realise that you may have lost your phone

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It usually starts out quietly, you oblivious of what has happened. Not until you remember that you’ve not used your phone for some time. You reach into your pocket or your bag and realise that a void space has replaced the area your phone should be. A pang of panic shoots out of every pore in your body. This – right here – is where it starts.

The quick mental calculation you make to retrace your steps

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You can’t let yourself believe that you’ve lost your phone. In the first moments, all you attempt to do with your mind is retrace your steps in an effort to guess the last time and place you used your gadget. Unfortunately, your mind will be foggy; you won’t think straight and you won’t find the answer.

The rush to find someone willing to borrow you their phone

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Now, you swing into action. You put yourself in a race to stay in front of the situation, fueled by the denial you are in. You ask anyone you can find if they could borrow you their phone for a moment to call your number. It’ s easier when you’re in the company of friends, but if you’re alone, it’s much harder. But finding your phone is the dearest mission to you at that moment, so you get it done.

The short-lived optimism you feel when your number goes through

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Now, you are dialling your number, your heart beating faster than the speed of light. It races for joy when you get the ‘brrrr’  sound on the other end. Maybe someone with a good heart found it. Maybe you will get it back.

The distraught feeling that follows when the call disconnects from the other end

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You’re still grappling at the hope of a reunion with your phone when the beep that signifies the end of a call rudely shakes you out of your reverie. Immediately, you dial the number again but you can’t get through anymore. Nothing brings you faster than listening to “the number you’re trying to call is currently switched off.”

You put yourself down for being so careless

So many things could have happened, but the only person you blame is yourself. You should have been more careful.

The irritation you feel when people ask how it happened

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You will be plagued with a lot of questions you don’t have the answer to by your friends. As if you’re not going through enough already. 

The faux-resignation that ultimately floods in

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After all your attempts to recover the phone has proved abortive, you begin to understand what you’re in for. As a coping mechanism, you put your hard-guy game on and start to tell everyone that cares to listen that you’re not really bothered about the phone; the bummer is the sim you lost with it.

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