₦10k gets dragged every other week, but all it does is mind its business and help you take care of yours. So, we’ve decided to help everyone appreciate ₦10k a little bit more.

Change your wardrobe

You can change your wardrobe with this little token. All you’ll need to do is haul yourself to a very specific section of Balogun market, and start the change.

Change your hair

Whether it’s a wig or braids you desire, ₦10k’s got your back. The wig might be a sponge in disguise, and you might end up looking like a secondary schooler with those braids, but your hair will definitely get changed.

Start building a house

Source: businessday

All you need is the first step, a bag of cement here, two bags there, and your house is in transit. ₦10k can do that for you.

Go on a date

Armed with ₦10k, love and determination, you can definitely take your person out on a date. Just make sure you pick the appropriate restaurant far away from that island in Lagos.

Buy a pair of glasses

Source: Shopify

A pair of glasses are useful for a couple things, shielding your eyes from the sun, hiding your eyerolls from your mother, and most importantly, disguising yourself from unnecessary billing. Because if they can’t see you, how’ll they ask you for money you don’t have.

Buy a car…

Source: 5out of4patterns

…accessory. Let’s be honest, ₦10k cannot buy you a car, but it can buy you a steering wheel cover, which is pretty close to an actual steering wheel, which is close to a car.

Go outside

You can attend all the events happening around you. Like, HERtitude, and all you’ll need for that is ₦5,500.


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