If your love interest is a hard-core football fan, we’re sure you’ve considered this yourself already — do they actually love you as much as they love football?

Stop wasting time thinking about “what-ifs”, and let these signs tell you for sure.

They forget anniversaries, but not their GOAT’s birthday

Your boo: “I’m sorry I forgot our one-week anniversary.”

Also your boo: “Messi’s birthday is in 312 days!”

They love posting about their favourite club and players

But ask them to post you, and you’ll hear, “Babe, I’m protecting you from the world.”

They wear their club’s jerseys

But will they wear an outfit that has your face on it? Heck no.

They support Arsenal or Manchester United

Do you know the level of love and commitment required to support these clubs? No space in their heart to love you again.

They argue about football

Have you seen where fans argue about football? Does your partner display that same passion with you? You have your answer.

They cry when their team loses

Tell them, “It’s just a game,” and see if they won’t dump you in a heartbeat.

No date nights during Premier League

Just forget about it.

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