Different Types Of Nigerians When It’s Time To Relocate

February 17, 2020

There’s a personality hidden inside every one of us that comes out when it’s time to japa.

If you’re still in doubt, have a peep at some Nigerian behaviours we’ve noticed when it’s time to travel:

The type that always stay strapped in case a 90s themed video shoot is happening at the airport the day they’re leaving.

You never know if Ja-Rule will show up at MMA.

The kind that tells friends he’s just going to stay with his aunty in Ibadan until the time he posts his Canada selfies on Instagram.

Let enemies not use him to do had thy know.

Other ones that have going away parties when it’s time to travel .

Big Anointing oil energy showing.

The ones that pack a mini-market when it’s time to leave.

What do these oyibos know about dry crayfish and fried snail?

The ones that do one million braids because nobody got $400 to be doing braids in Atlanta.

We see you girl.

If you go bald for the first time when it’s time to move to Toronto, we see you too.

We think $5 haircuts are a crime too.

If at least 3 extended and 4 nuclear family members don’t follow you to do ‘send-off’ the airport, are you even Nigerian?

No really, are you?

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