With the sad state of the Nigerian dating scene, you may simply just be grateful to find a partner who has a job. But as a fellow millennial who’s been there, done that and has dated all sorts of people in different professions, I’m here to save you stress and alert you to the red flags. No need to thank me; it’s for the culture

1. TikTok Creators 

TikTok content creators will just frustrate your life, either by playing useless pranks on you for the sake of content or making you do annoying challenges. The country is already stressful enough please. 

2. Tech People

Do you want to be with someone that is emotionally unavailable? Tech people only have enough emotional availability for all of their codes and software; anything more is excessive. And at your big age, you can’t be fighting for love and attention.

3. Bloggers 

Bloggers will use any chance they get to create content for their page. Imagine going on a date with a food blogger and they bring out a mini ring light at a restaurant just to create food content. No please. 

4. Architects

You want to date an architect in this country? Who doesn’t know that Nigerian architects don’t have money? The last thing you want as a millennial is to be with somebody whose career hasn’t taken off yet. If you want to date an architect, be sure that they are retired and in their 60s. 

5. Writers 

You wake up one day to find out your whole life has been turned into a novel simply because your partner found your story as interesting material. You can’t just gist your partner about things happening in your life because they’ll use it as material. God please abeg. 

6. Musicians 

This will be a big problem if you end up dating someone who makes trash music. Because you’ll have to pretend to like it and even promote it. God forbid.

7. Police 

Do we really need to explain this one? Nobody should date any member of the Nigerian police force. It’s not even about the fact that their job is dangerous. It’s about the fact that you’d likely be dating someone who is involved in daily bribery and corruption.  Everyday they’ll be dragging your partner’s profession on the internet for one atrocious act or the other.

8. Therapists

 If you date a therapist, you’re using your own eyes and legs to look for stress. Therapists will psychoanalyse everything you do and say. You can’t just be sad or upset around your partner without them naming several disorders according to your symptoms. Which kind wahala be that? 


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