We Asked 5 Nigerians To Share Their Ghosting Tales

December 16, 2019

You meet someone, go on a couple dates and then realise they’re not that interesting (or whatever the case may be). So how do you break the news? Well, you don’t. You simply end all forms of communication with them (out of thin air) and expect them to take the hint.

A wimpy move? Absolutely, but do people do it anyway? HELL YES!!!

We asked 5 people to share their ghosting stories and boy, do people need Jesus candles…

Patrick, 25 – A date with a douche

“My friend introduced me to this guy. He was good-looking, and since I’m superficial, I figured we’d hit it off. We eventually went out on a date and started talking. Not sure how it got to the topic of feminism, but he had so many toxic, sexist notions e.g. women are only good for their reproductive ability. Tbh, I wasn’t even aware queer people could be so sexist, especially in such a heteronormative way.

Anyway, before the date was even over, I’d blocked his number and wiped him off social media. Considering how intense the argument was, I doubt he would have even tried to reach out, but I didn’t want to risk it.”

Chiamaka, 23 – Still hung up on his ex

“So I met this boy on a group hike. We started talking and hit it off instantly. He was nice… but wouldn’t stop bringing up his ex in our conversations. Gradually, the drive to speak to him slipped away and I was not about to be caught up in all that drama. So I did the needful.”

Olumide, 28 – Cold hearted or nah?

“We went to uni together and she was classmates with my best friend, although we didn’t really speak until after graduation. We went out once and it went well. Not long after, we made plans for her to come over to my place. That day came and for whatever reason, I didn’t feel like seeing her anymore. So she called and called and I didn’t answer.

For like a week, she tried to reach out via calls and texts. But still no response from me. She gave up after that week but not before sending a long paragraph, insulting me for ghosting.”

Fatima, 23 – A couple strings attached

“My most recent ghosting happened with this guy I was kind of seeing. It was supposed to be light with no strings attached, but he was catching feelings and wanted us to be serious. So we had this conversation where I told him what I needed romantically from a partner to even consider being serious. And then he said “as much as I want this, I don’t want to feel like I’m overcompensating.”

Anyway long story short, I ended things with him there and then, but he didn’t seem to get the memo. So I stopped responding to his messages and answering his calls.”

Bella, 27 – What’s worse than a boring lunch date?

“So I met this guy through a friend. Both of them were good friends. So we started hanging out. Nothing serious. A lunch date here and there. But then, they were no fun. I wasn’t learning much about him, and sharing about my life seemed like a chore. Our conversations were like QandA sessions and for me, if a conversation isn’t flowing, I won’t stick around. So I went mute for months.

It was gradual. I’d always be busy doing something so we wouldn’t do any more boring lunch dates. Till I just blanked completely. Funny enough, we saw each other a few months after the long silence. Same thing. I think we both get now that there is nothing here. He didn’t at first, I believe.”

Have you ever been ghosted? or have you ghosted someone? Let us know!

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