Did You Really Expect the Labour Strike to Happen?

October 16, 2019

If you were looking forward to the nationwide strike by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) as a great excuse to lazy around for an indefinite time then you are going to be so disappointed.

The Nigeria Labour Congress has decided to call off their intended nationwide strike while they engage in talks with the Federal Government over the new minimum wage. Meanwhile, Lagos civil servants have been promised more than N30,000 minimum wage.

These decisions happened yesterday, when Labour was supposed to be prepping their we-no-go-gree-o stance; but are we surprised that the strike was called off? No, we expected it.

The President of the United Labour Congress (ULC), Joe Ajaero, seemed to have foreseen this as well, which probably led to his statement about how the so called strike was dead on arrival because the “critical sectors that would make the strike to be successful were left out of the decision”.

I couldn’t agree more, considering that many a strike, prior to this, have been called off in order to engage in talks, yet nothing worthwhile is achieved. Oh well, this one remains to be seen.

Although, isn’t the NLC’s bark fast becoming louder than its bites?

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