If we learnt one thing from last year, it’s that nobody knows how to throw a dinner party like Baileys Delight, and we have receipts to prove it.

This one was a dinner party was designed for maximum delight

The dinner party was themed “12 Delight Treats” but they forgot to mention that the “enjoyment” in the theme was silent.

You had to treat your way to getting an invite

Believe it or not, to stand a chance, all followers needed to do was to let us in on their plans to indulge with Baileys Delight treats over the holidays.

Things escalated when they announced the celebrity guest 

In the end, those who won the prize for overall best in foodie eventually got invited to the party for even more Baileys Delight treats.

And the view was mad

The venue was excellent—a rooftop dinner party at the Ebonylife Place in Victoria Island with a beautiful skyline view. But the skyline wasn’t the only great view at the event. Just look at the people too. All smiling and happy in the name of Baileys Delight.

Guests got photo ops with Sharon Ooja, just so they can tension everyone else after the party.

You just know the party is lit when Sharon Ooja shows up for it.


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