Are You Resuming Work Today? How’s It Going?

May 4, 2020

If we’re keeping it a buck, if you’re not an absolutely essential worker providing an absolutely essential service, you have absolutely no business being at work on May the 4th, especially with the climbing virus numbers.

And yet, much as we all know this is the truth, you’re at work, doing a little Monday morning countdown until you can leave. Somebody please soak this government’s mode of reasoning in some of the good Lord’s blood, because this nuh mek sense.

For everyone having to resume work today, we’re sending you air kisses and non-connecting virtual fist bumps, because well, social-distancing. We can only imagine how you’re feeling. Actually, we imagined it and we’re pretty sure we’re spot on:

How you woke up today, realising you’ll have to get up everyday of the rest of the week for work.

Which kain stress.

Waiting until 6 AM to leave your house so the remaining coronavirus in the air would have cleared road for you to pass.

… or at least that’s how the government is making things in corona world.

Getting to work and realising how much you missed seeing everybody.

Even your boss who spent the whole lockdown period sending you work emails at 2 AM

Giving everybody side-eye that tries to shake or hug you on top missing you regardless though.

Let’s not start nonsense in this corona era, please dear.

How your hands look by mid-day because you can’t stop washing and sanitizing it.

Heaven helps those who help themselves wash their hands, abi how do they say it?

Surviving the first day of work and thanking God you didn’t hear anybody cough in the office.

Little mercies.

How you rush out as soon as it’s closing time.

It’s not you corona will jam in traffic buying gala.

How did your first day back go?

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