Oyinbo wonders will never end. Bullying happens to not just the students, but the teachers as well. A substitute teacher at a high school in Chicago, U.S of A was physically abused by her students. AND one of them even recorded it on camera.

The boy pelts the teacher with food and at a point, almost throws a chair at her. The nerve of the girl with the camera is just incredible. She even asks the teacher “How do you feel about this situation?” And she could be heard laughing in the background. We have to say, this teacher is just a nice person. Either that or she just doesn’t like confrontation. But then, we wonder what she could have done in a country where not sparing the rod is child abuse. She should have at least called security. But we imagine the mischief makers would say that she was lying.

But what would have happened if this actually occurred in a Nigerian school?

Those students will first of all be punished by their teacher.

You think you can try rubbish and get away with it?

Then catered off to the headmaster’s office for even more punishment.

They’ll be publicly disgraced at the school assembly the next day.

Walk of shame plus public lashing.

Then suspended for about three weeks to a month.

Even more punishment awaits them when they get home.

It’s basically a life of punishments in the foreseeable future.

If they’ve been suspended before, it’s automatic expulsion. No questions asked.

Their parents will never let them forget it for as long as they live.

“You better not go to that boy’s house. He’s the reason why you got suspended.” “You have not being obeying the commandments, that’s why you go suspended.” [zkk_poll post=8986 poll=content_block_standard_format_10]


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