All The Things That Happen When Someone Steals Your Clothes In The Hostel

February 20, 2020

Some things cannot be predicted. For example, spreading your clothes on the line only to come back and see that they are gone. What happens next? Tears or accusing your neighbour? We made a list of possible reactions.

1. When you can’t find your clothes where you spread them.

But they were here na. Did anybody pack them in? Did a hurricane blow them to Canada?

2. And then you start suspecting your neighbours.

Could it be Pascal? He kuku said he likes that my yellow shirt… Does that mean…

3. How you look at everybody when they pass.

Nkechi dear, I’m not calling you a thief o, but can I please see the bra you are wearing?

4. The tears when you realise that truly your clothes are gone.

Alexa, play Simi’s Gone For Good.

5. And now, everyone is telling you sorry.

Why are you telling me sorry? Did I tell you somebody died?

6. You know your slay will have to reduce now that the ‘real owners’ of the clothes have come to pack it.

Ah. What msunery situation is this, Jehovah?

7. How you look around the next time you wash and spread your clothes.

Once bitten, twice vigilant.

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