If there is one thing staying at home has unlocked for many Nigerians, it’s boredom. People are bored and are seeking new ways of keeping themselves occupied. From social media challenges to texting old flames, people are bored.

Nigerian celebrities have found new ways to keep us entertained in this dire period and we have been getting music producer vs music producer battle edition on Instagram live. With these veterans comparing catalogs and jams they have produced for famous Nigerian musicians.

The first set of people to open the floor were Shizzi Vs Sarz and that edition left so many people blown away that it spurred another showdown set: Pheelz vs Masterkraft.

Here’s a sinppet from Sarz vs Shizzi:

Mad ohh

Here’s a preview from Pheelz vs Masterkraft:

So, the gist is that even though they went head to head, there wasn’t a formal conclusion because Masterkraft left the battle before it ended and there was no conclusive victor.

Nevertheless, both producers put up a spectacular show and reminded us of just how rich the Nigerian music scene is. However, Twitter people who can never be trusted to behave had a lot to say about the battle.

Here are some of the more out of pocket responses to that entertaining performance from the two legends:

1) Officer, arrest this man!

2) Lmao.

3) Tired of Nigerians.

4) Crying.

5) Someone finally said it.

6) Don’t bring pencil to a gun fight.

7) Game over.

And they lived happily ever after…


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