An adrenaline junkie: A person with a compulsive desire for excitement and adventure.

An adrenaline junkie in Nigeria: A person who works extra hard to test the abilities of their village people.

Living in Nigeria is already an adrenaline rush, but that isn’t enough for you, so we’ve compiled this list of activities to spark an even bigger rush in you.

Bungee jumping

Leaping from a high place with a long nylon-cased rubber band around the ankles. 

Pro: Bungee jumping is a great way to feel the wind against your face.

Con: They’ll tie a rubber band around your ankles. What if the rope cuts mid-air? 

Cliff diving

Jumping into water from the edge of a cliff.

Pro: If you don’t have access to an Olympic size pool, the ocean can serve as one.

Con: What if your head hits a rock? What if you open your eyes in the water and see mami water? What then?

Swimming with the sharks

Pro: You get to swim with sharks.

Con: You’re swimming with something other people avoid. You’ve left land and entered into shark terrain. Do you see where this is going?

Playing with snakes

Holding and playing with the slithering animal that represented Lucifer in the Bible.

Pro: It’s a new, most likely once-in-a-lifetime (just in case you get bitten)  experience.

Con: You’ll be holding a snake. Is that not enough of a con for you?

Base jumping in a wingsuit

Wearing a jumpsuit that has “wings” and jumping from a high place.

Pro: You get to cosplay and feel like a bird.

Con: You’ll have to put your trust in an ugly-looking piece of cloth with fake laba laba wings. 


Standing on a shiny piece of wood to ride a wave or crash into one.

Pro: You get to have quality time with mami water and their cohorts.

Con: You might eat pure water nylon. Are you ready for that? 


Exploring caves. Yes, it’s a thing.

Pro: You get to feel like the cavemen of old.

Con: The cave may or may not have been a shrine before. Also, it might close in on you. Either way, you’ll probably meet the god of your ancestors.

Riding a bull

Since horses aren’t enough for you, riding bulls are the next best thing.

Pro: You’ll ride a real-life bull instead of those mechanical ones at carnivals and parks.

Con: Bulls have seen their kinsmen die by human hands. Now, you want to climb them and put your life in their hands? Anything your eyes see, collect.


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