9 Scenarios That Would Make Good Punishments In Hell

August 30, 2019

Thanks to Christianity (and to some extent, Dante’s Inferno), everyone’s idea of hell is a vast terrifying wasteland, engulfed in fire and populated with demons (each one more grotesque than the last) torturing the souls of the damned in deliciously excruciating ways. And even though that works as a valid eternal fate for the souls of people who were fucking terrible during their time on earth, I have an idea for another version of hell

This doesn’t cancel out the original version, though, so I guess you could say it’s less of a version and more of a level. Hear me out:

In this level, people don’t know they’re dead and are in everyday scenarios they experienced while they were alive. The only difference now is that they’re stuck in a loop of very uncomfortable situations and this loop of frustration drives them insane.

Uncomfortable situations like:

1) Being stuck in traffic while purging.

Neverending traffic.

2) Trying to fall asleep because you’re exhausted but not being able to because every part of your bed is wet with sweat.

Neverending night.

3) Having an itch in your throat all the time.

And no amount of doing that thing with your throat will help. That thing people do when they have itchy throats.

4) Trying to sleep but not being able to because both sides of the pillow are hot and uncomfortable.

5) Constantly trying to charge your almost dead phone because you’re expecting an important phone call but all you have is a charger with a faulty, shaky cable.

Then you have to deal with the sound of the phone connecting and disconnecting every few seconds.

6) Lining up for what seems like forever at an ATM only for it to get to your turn and you discover that the money has finished.

Then you begin the process at another ATM.

7) Deciding to cook beans (because it’s the only thing available) but it takes forever to cook. Literally.

And you have to stand there and watch the pot boil while you starve.

8) Having one ear of every pair of earphones you buy spoil after 30 mins.

9) Purging and having to wipe your ass with toilet paper that feels like sandpaper.

I have three words for you.


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