If you grew up with older siblings, chances are they were annoying as hell. Always doing the most and making the younger ones look bad. However, the leader of the bad gang was the firstborn.

Here’s a list of all the annoying things firstborns do that we are tired of.

1) Hide their properties.

Is it because I took your shirt that you are now locking wardrobe?

2) Order you around aka dictators.

Which one is that I should fan you?

3) Constantly remind you how they suffered before you were born.

Tired of this story.

4) Always overserious.

First in class every time, ahan.

Every time go and read your book.

5) Meat prefects.

Taking all the big meat and leaving tiny ones for us.

6) Not wanting you to follow them for a party.

But you told mummy I could follow you.

7) Lying about how the world works.

Children don’t come from heaven. What kind of lie was that?

8) Constantly reminding you about age.

You washed my bum bum, I have heard.

9) Quickly saying they don’t have money when you text them.

All I said was Good afternoon.

If you have younger siblings, you’ll love this a lot.


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