The Nigerian experience can be can be fun sometimes. We have beautiful resorts, good food, and that one bridge that they show in every Nollywood movie. However, none of those things shows the true Nigerian experience, and that’s why we made this list. 

1. Register for anything 

Whenever you are bored, just walk into any government office and try to get maybe your NIN, PVC, BVN, or any other three-letter means of identification. After waiting the entire day, fighting with someone your grandparent’s age and spending all your money only to go home empty-handed, you can beat your chest and say you’ve experienced Nigeria

2. Wait in a government hospital 


For the best results, get there as early as 6 am. Don’t worry you’ll be there with people from three days ago. That way, you’d make new friends and have lots of company. If you want to test the system, take advantage of your strength and fight to the front but don’t forget to have money too so you can bribe your way into seeing a doctor. 

3. Drive, especially in Lagos 

You after sitting in 24 hours traffic.

To truly experience Nigeria, you must drive in Lagos at least once. You don’t even have to be the one driving, enter a bus or cab. All that work you’ve been putting off for weeks? You’ll finally get the chance to complete it and what better place than in Lagos traffic? 

4. Go to the bank 

Make sure that you go without a pen if you are really committed to experiencing Nigeria. Don’t forget to clear your schedule, you might just be the lucky customer that will help them lock up. 

5. Order from an online vendor 

If your kink is heartbreak with a dash of anxiety, you can also try this. Nigerians are famous for being time conscious and reliable after all. 

6.  Go House hunting

Any day you are less busy, just call a random real estate agent and tell them that you are looking for an apartment. They will take you to places you’ve never been before, and the things you will see and experience might scare you but you are already in this country, so how much worse can it get?  

7. Organise a party

Put a bunch of your friends and family in a group chat and invite them to a party. Tell everyone it will start by 1 pm and watch them flock in by 4 pm. For the best effect, order everything you need the night before since Nigeria is just filled with reliable people.

8.  Make Braids 

This is a fun task that should always be done on Saturday. Book an appointment but get there an hour early. Don’t worry, nobody will still attend to you. You’ll end up spending your entire Saturday in that shop. Such a small price for something that will scatter in two weeks. 

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