Note: This is not a sub. I repeat this is not a sub. Also, what you do with the content of this post is up to you.

Now that we’ve agreed on that, let’s begin.

1. What they say: “Hello…”

What they mean: “I’ve come again. Haha. “

2. What they say: “I hope this email meets you well.”

What they mean: “Jokes on you if you think I care.”

3. What they say: “Can you come in this weekend?”

What they mean: “I had to frame it like a request, but we both know you have no choice. “

4. What they say:” Let me get back to you on that.”

What they mean: “Aired DFKM.”

5. What they say: “I’m sorry for calling this late.”

What they mean: “This is not a picnic for me either. Deal with it.”

6. What they say: “Can you do this?”

What they mean: “What you say won’t change the fact that you’re doing it.”

7. What they say: “It’s fine.”

What they mean: “Okay, you win this round. But don’t you think it’s over.”



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