Believe it or not, they’re just five of us left in Nigeria, and the pressure is getting even werser. If you have doubts about your friends’ whereabouts, here are some simple ways to know they’ve japa.

They stop posting online 

When your friend goes from always posting themselves on their statuses to only posting memes, or worse, not posting at all. Just forget it, them don leave you go. 

They send you snaps of the sky or roof

Snapchat users can testify to this one. You’ll just wake up to a video of the sky or roof with an accompanying song about the wonders of God. Ehn, Mercy Chinwo, well done. 

They start replying your messages by 2 a.m.

Somebody who used to reply immediately is now taking five hours, and the replies only come at night. In case you’re beginning to wonder if they’re only doing night plan, my dear, your guy is now in a new dispensation 

They add the Nigerian flag to their bio 

Because tell me, which Nigerian living in Nigeria would wake up, buy bread for ₦1k, swim inside Lekki flood on the way to their office, survive robbery in Lagos traffic on the way home, and still put Nigerian flag in their bio? 

The call never connects when you try their line

You’ve been chatting with them online, but the line disconnects whenever you try to call them. Do you still need us to tell you that they’ve changed their line?

Their skin is now skinning 

They posted selfies, and you’re asking them what their skin routine is. Leemao, it’s the abroad life filter. 

They start joining foreign Twitter spaces 

You’ve started getting notifications that Tobi is in a Twitter space about Nigerians navigating the UK? What other proof do you need? 

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