By default most Nigerians make it a point to disregard all social etiquettes. And so they become social terrorists going through life leaving a trail of people they have annoyed.

Anyway, here’s a list of 7 different ways you have most likely been socially terorrized by a fellow Nigerian. Don’t worry, we’ll start a support group soon.

1. Chewing with their mouths open.

People who do this should be fined. Honestly. After the food enters your mouth it becomes a private matter that should be kept between your teeth and tongue. Plix.

2. Sitting in public buses with their legs spread apart like they own the bus.

With their raggedy N50 bus fare.

3. Staring at other people’s phones.

zikoko- Social Etiquettes

Like they subscribed to view your pictures and read your messages. Pray tell, what are you looking for on my phone screen?

4. Point black starting at people.

zikoko- Social Etiquettes

Like you owe them money or you hold the key to something important and you are still wasting precious time.

5. Video calling without notice first.

zikoko- Social Etiquettes

People don’t realize just how creepy, annoying and creepy this is.

6. Using terms of endearment for strangers.

You met me approximately 5 minutes ago and we are already on “Dear” status. What do you call people you have known for years then? “The reason for my being”? Tell me plix.

7. Calling or texting you out of the blues and expecting you to know who they are.

zikoko- Social Etiquettes

“It’s me” is nobody’s name. Somebody please let Nigerians know this.

What other annoying thing did we miss?


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