Politics isn’t the only affair that needs elections. Too many tiring arguments need to be settled once and for all. Isn’t it a good idea for us to just vote on them as a country?

The GOAT of Afrobeats

This conversation has gone too far and needs to be solved with an election. Burna, Davido and Wizkid will be on the ballot, but we can also smuggle in Tiwa Savage and Asake to make it look like it’s free and fair.

Lagos vs Abuja

Lagos folks think they’re the coolest. Abuja folks think they’re the best thing since sliced bread. Let’s put this to a national vote so we can hear what everyone else thinks.

Asake vs Seyi Vibez

This shouldn’t even be up for debate. But since some Nigerians on Twitter have started bantering over who’s better and who’s copying who, we need to vote on this for the sake of national peace.

Whether or not semo is trash

You’d think food vendors would stop selling semo? But that hasn’t happened yet, so clearly, people still buy it. We need to have an election about whether or not it’s really trash, so we can fish out the bad eggs among us.

Island vs mainland 

One side will accuse the other of having dirty water, and another side will accuse the other of being no fun. But what does everybody else think? Let’s find out at the polls, please.

Is Ashimolowo a bad bitch?

This question has been left unanswered for too many years. If you think Ashimolowo might actually be a baddie, get your PVC ready!

Is Zikoko on crack?

Well, I guess there’s only one way to know for sure…

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