Having motion sickness at any age can feel embarrassing, even though it shouldn’t since it’s one of those things you can’t control. If you’ve ever made a driver stop a ride for a bit because you got sick, you’ll relate to this article.

1. Having mint on you at all times.

Sometimes it helps and other times, it upsets your stomach even more. The truth is that everyone knows that the baddest bitches have stomach issues.

2. Always wanting car windows down

Especially if the car has a weird air freshener that makes you want to throw up. Motion sickness can be triggered by the smallest things.

3. Not being able to read or watch anything in cars

The words begin to dance and your eyes won’t be able to focus. You can’t concentrate on anything because your body is using all your energy to breathe at that point. 

4. Falling asleep as soon as the car ride starts.

It’s always better to close your eyes and drift off than to watch other people worry about you throwing up at any second.

5. You never eat on the road

Whatever goes in, instantly and violently comes out. There’s no point forcing yourself to eat something that’ll be a mess on the ground in a few minutes.

6. People hated taking you out as a child

If you had motion sickness as a child, you can relate to being left out of things sometimes. While it’s hard to deal with motion sickness in an adult, it is harder to take care of a child experiencing it. Plus children are infinitely more annoying.



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