Content creators know that it isn’t exactly the easiest job in the world. But being a content creator in Nigeria is another kettle of fish.

Here are 6 struggles every Nigerian content creator can relate to:

NEPA will frustrate you

Do we even need to explain this? At this point, we all know that NEPA only exists to disgrace you because why is it when you’re in the middle of recording your TikTok for the seventh time that NEPA decides they want to do their job and bring light. Now you have to record an eighth time because your neighbour’s siren entered the last video.

Working from home is the absolute ghetto

If it’s not your mum sending you on countless errands, it’s your neighbours thinking you’re jobless because you stay home all day. See finish pro max.

Creative blocks are very real

Your head will not always be full of banging ideas and you might feel even more pressure when you see other creators rolling out fire ideas on a steady. Come on brain, think of things!

People keep asking for urgent 2k

It’s like these people in your DM don’t understand that you’re also open to collecting urgent 2k. Don’t let my ring light and clean English fool you, dears. Me too I’m in need of help.

Creator tools are not cheap

This should even be the first point because no one told you being a content creator in Nigeria would be this expensive! Web hosting, scheduling apps, payment gateways, design tools etc. To make matters worse, pricing is mostly in dollars and the naira is always playing with your feelings. 

Monetising can be tricky

Creating content is one thing, figuring out a way to make money from it is another. It’s almost like, if product influencing isn’t your calling, you might as well pack your ring light to your village.

Fidia fixes a couple of these struggles.

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