Relationships do not begin and end with cute couple pictures hashtagged relationship goals branded with deep cute captions on instagram. No dear, it is deeper than that. Which is why committing yourself into one should not be done for the wrong reasons. Before you commit someone’s child and start reciting “I love you more”, be sure you are actually ready for that commitment.

1. You haven’t gotten over your last relationship yet.

If you’re still hung up on your ex then what you need is this zikoko guide to getting over him. Not a new relationship. Getting into a new relationship while still mourning your last one is classic very easily predictable a recipe for disaster.

2. You don’t compromise easily.

Which in itself is a great thing. But in a relationship, not so much. You need to be open to hearing your partner’s perspective and finding a way to merge both for the greater good of the relationship. A relationship involves two people and a lot of compromising.

3. You don’t like sharing your space.

zikoko- Ready For Commitment

The max you can go with sharing a space with other people is 24 hours. After that you start contemplating throwing them out the window because their breathing suddenly becomes too loud. If this is you then you’re not ready for a relationship quite yet. People in relationships tend to spend a lot of time in each other’s space. A lot. Like a lot.

4. You are only getting into the relationship because you are bored.

zikoko- Ready For Commitment

Wrong move. It will end in tears dear. If you’re bored start binge watching a series on Netflix. Or rewatch our blind date series. A relationship is not the cure to boredom. That’s like going for surgery when good old panadol can take your pain away. Again, it will end in plenty tears dear.

5. You are getting into the relationship because everyone else you know is in a relationship too.

zikoko- Ready For Commitment

And they won’t shut up about it. But still, a relationship is not like a bag that you get because all your friends got one and you all need to post a squad goals picture with it. Take a chill pill and come down from that bandwagon you want to ride dear. Then mute your friends so you will hear word.

Then take this quiz to figure out why you are still single.


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