6 Epic Responses To Give The ATM

February 22, 2020

Do you ever wish you could respond to the ATM when it’s asking you silly questions? You do? Ah, we feel you. That’s why we created these answers for you. Anytime your ATM asks you silly questions or points out silly commands, feel free to respond accordingly. Just imagine you’re talking to the bank manager. It is sweeter that way.

1. Would you like to perform another transaction?

ATM command would you like to perform another transaction?

2. How satisfied are you with this service?

How to rate your ATM service

3. Please wait, transaction in progress.

ATM transaction is in progress

4. Temporarily unable to dispense cash.

ATM is temporarily unable to dispense cash

5. Radio silence. That is, when it swallows your card like a greedy child.

What to do when the atm swallows your card

6. Would you like to recharge your mobile?

atm commands on recharging your mobile

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