Most organizations often advise against office dating and all the other gum-body activities that come with it. But they don’t know ball. We are here to tell you today that you will gain a lot from dating your co-worker.

Here’s is a list of some exquisite benefits you’ll enjoy:

1. You can curse your boss together.

Imagine post coital conversations being about your boss being a basic b*tch.

2. Collaboration becomes even easier.


“Hi Femi, I just came to ask you how far with the client work”

3. Roleplay just got more exciting.


Cue: Underpaid worker angrily f**ks nasty boss.

4. If you want to steal the company from your boss, makes it easier.

Two against one, the beginning of eternal discord.

5. Both of you can defend each other and gaslight your boss.


Boss: Can you see that A is no longer meeting her KPI?

B: No. Maybe you have the wrong person. She did. Check the records.

6. And if anything, both of you can send your boss to the world beyond.

Just know that you’ll rot in jail afterwards.

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