5 Things Short People Are Tired of Hearing

February 16, 2020

Honestly, height shaming should be a thing. Because of a slight advancement in height, a lot of people want to say something to short people about their height. And to be honest, short people don’t want to hear it anymore.

1. “Hi malt bottle.”

Image result for hi malt

You referred to your fellow human as a bottle and you think it’s funny? Seriously?

2. “Down to earth.”

Because everyone knows what you mean, and it is clear that you don’t mean humility.

3. “Pocket-size.”

Image result for pocket size teddy bear

Cute, but still not funny.

4. “On your wedding day you’ll climb stools to kiss.”

Image result for short man trying to kiss

How do you feel now that you’ve said this rubbish?

5. “You better be eating beans.”

Image result for beans and bread

Thank you, nutritionist. I know just the right thing to eat.

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