To all the serious TV watchers in the house. The ones who understand and have fully immersed themselves in the magic of transmitted moving images.

This one is for you.

1) Not being able to settle on what channel to watch because there are so many options.

This one is worse if you’re one of those people who can’t eat without watching something. So your food will be getting cold while you’re trying to make up your mind.

2) Waiting till when they start showing commercials to do anything else so you don’t miss any part of what you’re watching.

Remember the panic you feel when you’re not done and the show starts?

3) Canceling plans because your favourite show or movie is on.

Totally understandable.

4) Constantly being up to date with the schedule for all TV stations and planning your day around it.

I can’t miss the best stuff.

5) This is how you sit comfortably in traffic because you own an Explora set to record your favourite shows or a livestream app like DStv NOW so you can watch it on the go.

I’ve got this.

Any serious TV watcher knows that DStv Premium is the full package! 😉 Get a taste of M-Net, ESPN 2 with NBA & more, Formula 1, UFC, Motorsports, Golf on SuperSport, Comedy Central and more:

  • Up to 24 HD Channels
  • Get Showmax at no extra charge
  • DStv Catch Up Plus
  • DStv Now
  • One Exclusive Movie per week & other special events.

Upgrade to Premium with MyDStv App – download from the Appstore and stay connected to the best entertainment #OnlyOnPremium.

Don’t dull!


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