There are lots of payment platforms out there, all of which primarily help us manage our finances. Now, whether the services being offered are great or unsatisfactory is left for users to say.

Hence, we spoke with 5 Nigerians and here are their takes:

Habeeb, 26

I mostly use my bank apps. One of them keeps trying to show me ads every 5 seconds so that’s annoying. I like the “download receipt” feature. Also, the feature that let’s you download your transaction history. None of them have in-app customer care though, so that’s something I wish they did.

Esther, 23

I use up to three payment platforms just in case any of them tries to move mad. Call it trust issues, but it’s my money we’re talking about here. Lol. I really like that I can track my transactions to find out where the bulk of my money goes to on one of the platforms. I don’t like that my bank just started charging approximately 7 Naira for USSD transactions. I mean, I already use data to transact online, now I have to pay for offline activities too? Omo.

Dan, 25

Payment on the main platform I use is super fast and easy. I get receipts I can always forward to clients or recipients immediately. What’s not great, is the issue of generating tokens instead of using normal passwords. It’d be better if I could just input pins and make payments seamlessly. Bank transfers on the second platform are not smooth at all. I hate that I always have to input my ATM card details to carry out simple transactions. It’s super tiring. One time I was not with my card, and needed to make a transfer and I couldn’t because of this. I was so frustrated.

Bolu, 23

I hate the payment platform I’m currently using abeg. Their customer service could do with some improvement. I’m only using it because I don’t have my debit card yet.

Ola, 24

I use one payment platform for now. Their service is decent [by Nigerian standards] for the most part. The mobile app can be rather unreliable on occasion. Obviously, that could pose as an incredible challenge in emergencies. They also have this nasty habit of delivering credit/debit notifications well late & this is by sms & email. Sometimes, transactions would have happened days earlier than the notification. Even in-app, the refresh rate is slow and that can be pretty annoying.

Whichever platform you use, you’d agree that seamlessness, speed and low-cost are must-have features. The good news is: Stax offers all these and more.

Why should you use Stax?

Stax is a lightweight Android app (less than 10mbs) that dials USSD codes for you . Here are features you’ll love:

  • You don’t have to worry about memorising countless USSD codes.
  • You don’t need to download and switch between multiple bank apps to access your money.
  • You can link ALL your bank and mobile money accounts to a simple interface that lets you send/request for money, buy airtime, and access your transactions history.

The best part? Stax works offline. So, no data, no problem. Download the app on Google Play store and start transacting with ease. No sign-up required! Just link your account and get started immediately. It’s FREE!


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