5 Items That Are Likely To Become Super Valuable In A Post-Apocalyptic Earth

March 25, 2020

“I would just like to acknowledge that this is not me being a pessimist. This is just a fun “what if” situation. So don’t drag me, edakun.”

– The human that wrote this

So imagine that Miss Rona ravages the world before scientists are able to find a cure, which means that we’re never able to defeat her. The economy collapses. A large percentage of the world’s population is wiped out and the people that are left have to move underground and eat rodents because supplies are scarce.

Basically, humanity is stuck in the opening scene of the first Terminator movie.

Based on current happenings (and everything I learned from watching Mad Max: Fury Road and Water World), here 5 things I think will become super valuable in this completely hypothetical future I just described.

1) Toilet Paper

Image result for toilet paper

Look, I don’t know why white people are suddenly going crazy over toilet paper. Maybe they know something we don’t. Maybe coronavirus actually gives its hosts hot explosive diarrhoea and the Caucasians are keeping it a secret for some reason. All I know is that if things keep going as they are now, TP will become gold.

2) Soap

Image result for soap

Being one of the two things in the first line of defence against Miss Rona, it makes sense that this would be scarce and valuable. Imagine being one of the elite few with the ability to touch your face.

3) Water

Image result for water

The second thing in the first line of defence against Miss Rona and the one scarce thing that’ll make our dystopian future look like the one in Mad Max: Fury Road. How cool would that be??

4) Hand Sanitizer

Image result for hand sanitizer

Have you tried buying hand sanitizer recently?

5) Garri

Image result for garri

Garri’s versatility is the one reason it’ll become priceless

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