Fighting Boredom During Self-Isolation

With Miss Rona Virus on her world tour that no one asked for, we’re all doing all we can to protect ourselves and those around us. One of those ways is self-isolation. That being said, self-isolation can get super boring. To avoid having conversations with their furniture, people are finding new ways to entertain themselves and others using the internet.

Here are 4 ways they’re doing that.

1) Engaging in social media challenges.

Push up videos weren’t always bad. They became bad things when others picked up on the trend, made it a challenge, and started tagging others to do the same.

Listen, if you want to stress yourself out in front of the internet, you do you, boo. Just don’t drag me into it.

2) Everyone going on Instagram Live.

Image result for celebrity instagram live png

Random people keep going live on Instagram like they’re iCarly. Do you understand how awkward it is when you click on someone’s live notification only to realize that you’re the only one in there? Girl, stop it. It’s just as weird for celebrities too because the ones who don’t have sense are now out here exposing themselves. *cough* Vanessa Hudgens *coughs*

3) Making TikToks:

No matter what social media timeline I’m on, there are a ton of #SavageChallenge dance videos. If it’s revealed in the future that this pandemic was part of the rollout for the Megan thee Stallion single, I would not be surprised.

4) Making fake coronavirus Whatsapp BCs.

Because what else? What else could make someone sit down to write this?? WHAT???

Fighting Boredom During Self-Isolation

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