May went on for more than 31 days, but thankfully, Twitter NG didn’t fail to make it seem shorter for us with comedy gems. April had funny tweets, but May will also crack you up.

1. This is my personal favourite.

There’s a hilarious Zikoko article about names that don’t belong to babies. Kazim belongs on that list.

2. All of us when the dip dipped.

3. I can’t unsee it now.

4. “…who was supposedly a child of God”

5. This is a valid question.

6. Once again, Igbo women in the mud.

7. Your walls deserve to be breached if you eat semo.

8. This simple question.

9. This one is just disrespectful.

10. This one is for football fans.

Gwagwalada is a place in Abuja.

11. “I like the way I’m feeling now…”

12. I don’t see this scenario playing out any differently.

13. Well well well…

14. Can’t lie, it makes sense.

15. All bread sellers are the same.

16. A cry for help.

17. Nice titties.

18. At least you won, Hauwa.

19. Sienna? Better run.

20. This is too accurate.

21. Where’s the lie?



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