19 Of The Most Nigerian Pictures On The Internet

1. This picture that shows our weird love for titles.

2. This picture that shows the unfairness of Owambes.

3. This picture that shows how you feel when you bargain your way to a mad deal.

4. This picture that shows how the seller feels when you bargain your way to a mad deal.


5. This picture of a typical Nigerian man.

6. This picture of our all-pupose cure.


7. These pictures that scream Nigerian barber.

8. This picture that will take you right back to secondary school.

9. This picture of happiness being created.

10. This truly delicious throwback.

11. The picture of a typical Nigerian’s feeding timetable.


12. This picture of true heartbreak.

13. This picture that screams Nigerian police.

14. This picture of a true Nigerianism.


15. This picture of the popular bucket-bath.

16. This picture of effective Nigerian punishments.

17. This picture that shows the only time Nigerians recycle.


18. This picture of the Nigerian parents’ grading system.

19. This picture of a Nigerian child’s career options.


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