17 Times The What It Means To Be Nigerian Hashtag Was Just Too Accurate

October 2, 2015

Yesterday was Nigeria’s Independence day, so it only makes sense that #WhatItMeansToBeNigerian trended on Twitter.

Here are 17 times the trend was just way too real:

1. When you hear someone yell “Up NEPA.”

2. When you get hungry in traffic.

3. When you see people running for no apparent reason.

4. When your parents hit you with that “first in class” lie.

5. When your sense of humor still manages to shine through.

6. When all your meals look this glorious.

7. When you see the legendary Patience Ozokwor on-screen.

8. When you go for a proper Owambe.

9. When you just know all your Nigerianisms.

10. When that ice-cream bowl you found in the freezer completely disappointed you.

11. When you believed some insane Nigerian myths.

12. When your mother’s bargaining powers still surpises even you.

13. When you realize you have a love-hate relationship with Nigeria.

14. When you answer your phone in public.

15. When your math-set just never seemed to last a whole school term.


16. When you see a Nigerian anywhere in the world and just know straight away.

17. When you’re already too used to power outages to be phased by it.


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