A lot of products have come and gone in Nigeria. But some of them are still in our memory, and each we think about them, we are reminded of those times when we didn’t have to worry about anything at all.

1. Tony Montana powder and all the other variations.

Other variations being perfume, cream, and whatever that company threw at Nigerians then.

2. Trebor mints.

Where did these beauties go? Our mouths miss them.

3. Before Rite came into the market, these were the kings.

And that was not even the original wrapper for Gala. It was a transparent one.

4. Balila and all the other variations.

This brand had (and still has, I’m sure) body cream, and powder. There was another powder. Cream plastic, tall too. I can’t seem to remember the name now.

5. Okin soap.

This went for N30 then. Hehehe.

6. Pucelle perfume.

Pucelle Mist Cologne Perfume Spray 150ml | Shopee Malaysia

Something for the cool kids. Was sold for N250 or so, and did not last as long as a fart.

7. Choco Milo.

If you know Choco Milo when it was in this wrapping, then we rate you hehe.

8. Elephant detergent.

Before Sunlight and her sisters entered street.

9. Miss Caroline body cream.

One cream, the entire family.

10. Tom Tom.

tom tom sweet | Zikoko!

Before it started to wear bikni to the market.

11. Eclairs.

Quality in taste.

12. Tasty Time.

Funny how the adult me would rather die than taste this thing now.

13. Nido milk.

A king in its own lane.

14. Butter Mint.

Premium quality.

15. This particular cheese balls.

This one was the original cheese balls. You see the other ones? Abeg x3.

16. Coaster biscuits.

Coaster Biscuit: Newbisco Swimming In Past Glory? | Cobra Review -

Who remembers the time when we had 6 pieces of biscuits in one pack? Now, it’s just 3 pieces.


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