15 Things Every Only Child In A Nigerian Family Will Get

October 29, 2015

1. When your friends thought you always got everything you wanted.

If I hear.

2. “You’re very lucky.”

More like very lonely.

3. When everyone just assumed you were spoiled.

Don’t be a mumu.

4. “I wish I was the only child too.”

No, you really don’t.

5. Whenever you did something bad and didn’t have a sibling to blame it on.

It wasn’t me sha.

6. When your parents always paid too much attention to you.

Someone cannot even mess up small again.

7. Whenever people asked you if you ever got lonely.

See JAMB question.

8. When your parents put the pressure of like 3 children on your head.

Don’t kill me, please.

9. When you just had to be close to your cousins.

You’re all my siblings now.

10. When you played most of your video games with the computer.

Forever alone.

11. “Being an only child must be boring. I’m glad I have a sister.”

So, what should I now do?

12. When learning to share was a real struggle.


13. Whenever you saw your friends fight with their siblings.

What is this madness?

14. “Why didn’t your parents have more children?”

Why are you asking me?

15. “Oh? You’re an only child, no wonder.”

What’s that supposed to mean? So, did we miss any only child struggle?

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