Recently, a couple of Nigerians spoke about the culture shock they experienced when they visited countries outside Nigeria.

Here’s a list of what they said:

1) Being invited to a dinner and paying for it

Awoof must die by fire.

2) Calling adults by their first name

With all due respect Susan, pls let me call you aunty.

3) Not ironing for the month/week

There’s no prize for suffering.

4) Framing instructions as suggestions

“Might you be interested in correcting this?” Are you whining me?

5) Pastor drinking beer

E shock you?

6) Daylight savings

Please explain one hour ahead and one hour behind.

7) Professionals with tattoos

Nigeria my country. See your mate.

8) No car horns

Must be nice.

9) Calling drugs medicine

Na wa oh.

10) People not chewing bones


11) Sorry not meaning sorry

Ahan. What are we supposed to say?

12) Yoruba parents are shaking

Kids, don’t try this at home.

13) You decide on this one

My fake home training is screaming.



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