12 Things You Could Be Doing If You Weren’t Always Stuck In Lagos Traffic

June 18, 2015

If I were to start this post by calculating how much time we spend commuting to work every month, most people would just be too depressed to read on. So I’ll just leave that to your imagination (seriously guys, don’t actually calculate it, it’s way worse than you think).

adopted traffic

Anyway, I’m sure we can all agree that Lagos traffic is the thorn in almost every office worker’s flesh. So, out of anger, but mostly frustration, I decided to compile a list of what our lives might actually look like, if we didn’t have to factor in that agonising rush hour traffic.



sleep two

That’s it. List is over. Good Night. Well, no, but you already know everything else on this list will pale in comparison to actually getting a full nights rest. Damn I have goosebumps just thinking about it.


2. Have a Social Life


Remember that? Remember when you didn’t have to lie to your friends about being too busy to hang out, when you’re actually just too tired? Those were the days, huh?


3. Actually like your job

love my job

Trust me, the resentment you feel towards your boss is deeply rooted in the road rage you have to deal with on your daily commute. It’s enough to make anyone cranky.


4. Get that dream body

dream body

I mean, sure, there are some people that still find time to hit the gym after spending forever on third mainland bridge, but we all know they are crazy.



sleep alarm

Seriously, wouldn’t it be nice to not have a love-hate relationship with your alarm’s snooze button


6. Enjoy your relationship


More time to spend with bae. I don’t see a downside, but that’s probably because I’m single (I blame that on Lagos traffic too)


7. Actually eat breakfast


Like the proper eggs, toast, and hot chocolate type breakfast. I miss those. I REALLY miss those. I do manage to sneak in some cereal on a good day, but that doesn’t count.


8. Catch up on all your favourite shows

watching tv

How far behind on Scandal are you? Have you even started the new season of Game of Thrones? SMH!


9. ‘Maybe’ attend midweek sermons


Wouldn’t it be nice if the pastor didn’t sub your one-service-a-week ass every Sunday?




Do I even have to explain?


11. Have a Radio-Cleanse


If I have to listen to Kiss Daniel’s Woju or the voice of a certain unbearably annoying OAP one more time, I will actually kill someone.


12. Be Happier


Have you noticed how annoyingly cheerful people who live close to where they work are? Don’t you just hate them?

Did I miss anything? What would you do with that extra time if you weren’t always stuck in traffic? Please, sound off in the comments section.

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