11 Things You’II Understand If You’ve Ever Gone Clothes Shopping

January 13, 2020

1. You, wondering if you actually need to buy new clothes

confused will smith GIF

Are my clothes really that old?

2. When you remember that you’re beginning to wear one shirt too much

you gotta do this fox tv GIF by MasterChef Junior

People are beginning to notice this red shirt oh.

3. When you think about all the stress of buying in your local market

GIF by Fuse

Ugh! The ghetto. It’s not me and you people.

4. When you try to buy online and realise the shipping fee is more than what’s in your cart

Question Mark Wtf GIF

I didn’t kill anyone na; I’m only trying to look good.

5. When you finally decide to drag yourself to the market

We Ready Hip Hop GIF by WE tv

Well, I’m ready to die now.

6. How different vendors swarm around you the moment you get to the market

Birds Swarm GIF by SWR Kindernetz

Ahah, are you people that hungry?

7. You, avoiding eye contact with everyone

Pootie Tang Bullets GIF

I’m not buying anything from you, abeg.

8. You, after you’ve walked for hours without finding anything you like

Tired Fox Tv GIF by Kicking & Screaming

I should have just paid for that shipping fee or found a plug.

9. When a vendor tries too hard to convince you to buy a shirt

Donald Glover Community GIF

Uhm, something is totally wrong with this thing

10. You, when you find a pair of jeans that fit

Drake Hug GIF by Variety

Good things exist after all.

11. When you get home and wonder if you got the best deal

stupid forrest gump GIF

Ha! These people have scammed me.

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