This is a safe space.

1) They have plants.

House plants to be specific.

2) They have long-ass mirrors in the bedroom, parlour, and bathroom.

Alongside ten other small mirrors littered all around the house.

3) The inside is painted white.

Is this heaven?

4) You’ll see scented candles of every size.

5) Their workstation/table looks like it cost an arm and a leg.

Look at all that gear.

6) You always ask yourself: Is this Nigeria?

The sunlight is just different.

7) They aim for minimalist designs.

Because their money is loud.

8) There’s art in the house.

It’s only people who have eaten that can afford art please.

9) They have duvet instead of wrapper/covering cloth.

What happened to good old cover cloth?

10) There are bottles of different type of weird sounding wines in their house.

It now has date attached to it. Something something 92 bottle.

11) Bonus point: If they have a dog, it lives in the house with them.

And it eats dog food, not eba.

Image sources:

Mark Essien

Dimma Umeh



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