We’ve written before about how needlessly chaotic the English language is. If you needed more proof, here you go.

Hearing this word said out loud makes it sound like “kernel”. So why the hell is it spelt like this?

What is that “O” doing there?

There’s no reason any of the letters in this word should be where they are.

This is one is super chaotic because there’s the word “rough”. Then toss a “D” in the front and a “T” at the end and it’s a whole other pronunciation.

The fact that the words “through”, “rough”, and “thorough” exist and sound nothing alike is enough to drive a non-English speaker insane.

In the famous words of Cardi B, WHAT WAS THE REASON for this spelling?

Granted, we’ve all gotten used to it now. But can you remember how annoyed you were as a kid when you found it it wasn’t spelled as “fon”?


I remember arguing with a friend in front of a primary school about the spelling of this word as scared school children stared at us like were insane.

Pronounced as E-PI-TO-MI but ends with an “E” for some reason.


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