Have you been frustrated by your relationship with that lady you decided to date? Before you take things to marriage level, it’s best to check this list and know if you should break up before things get out of control.

1. When you are out together, she shows you random ladies and ask if you find them attractive.

This one will lead you into cheating and still turn around to blame you. Break up now while you still can.

2. She likes cuddling.

Tbh, this one will be a clingy girlfriend. She won’t understand the concept of personal space, and if you tell her you’re not in the mood, she will label you a cheater.

3. She wants you to post loved up pictures of the both of you on social media and do PDA all the time.

God help you to say you find it childish. She will say you are not proud to show her off and is she not pretty enough?

4. She has a circle of about 4 or 5 friends.

She will never be obedient. Her friends will always be her adviser, and if you tell her any secrets, best believe that her friends will hear it.

5. She can zip up her dress by herself.

This one is an independent woman and you know how those kinds of people can be. If she can draw her eyebrows by herself, you don jam.

6. She creates a wishlist for her birthday and expects you to get her at least 8 out of the 10 items listed.

No need to state the obvious. You know you’ve landed yourself a tax collector.

7. She wears wigs more than she rocks her natural hair.

This one will never be satisfied with anything you give her.

8. She visits your apartment without notice.

This means only one thing: she doesn’t trust you enough.

9. She grinds with other guys at parties but expects you to not do the same with other ladies.

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Guy, are you in a relationship or bondage?

10. She knows how much you’re earning but won’t disclose hers to you.

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Let’s not state the obvious.


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