Listen, no one is humble. We’re just afflicted by a sapandemic, with fake humility being the major side-effect. 

Want to know your real self? Just have money and see if you won’t stop tolerating these things.


If the Nigerian government or fellow Nigerian youth start doing anyhow, you can just decide to go on a six-month vacation to the Bahamas. 

Generator noise

We’ve not been to Banana Island, but we’re very sure the people there aren’t serenaded by the sound of “I better pass my neighbour” generators.


No one will ever catch you shouting, “Up NEPA” again. Those days are behind you.

Danfo buses

No more jumping buses and doing advanced calculus with bus conductors.

Rude buka servers

Yes, rudeness is the secret ingredient that makes the amala delicious, but at least you can get it delivered to your home and bypass the rudeness.


Why work when you can even buy your office? Sure, your money may finish, but that’s not the point.

People who say “Basmatic” rice

Do we even need to explain why you shouldn’t tolerate them? Don’t move with people who’ll draw you back, please.

People, in general

Because it’s your world, and every other person is just living in it.

Internet problems

If your telecoms provider decides to move mad, you can just travel abroad to use their Wi-Fi for a day. Or you can build your own telecoms company.

ATM queues

Gone are the days of “amatyourback” ATM lines where you’d spend hours, only for it to get to your turn and your bank suddenly decides to divorce network.

You may not have Dangote-level money yet, but it doesn’t mean you have to tolerate slow and inefficient financial services.

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