To be a Nigerian is to be in a default state of annoyance. But if you are a woman, this annoyance is raised to power 100. This list is a tiny fraction of all the annoying things women go through daily.

1. When every service provider assumes your boyfriend is the one who is paying.

Oh really?

2. Or when you pay but they thank your boyfriend instead of you.

Honestly, na me fuck up.

3. When someone enters a place and greets everyone but not you.

Oh, I’m now invisible? What a wonder.

4. When people shake hands with the guys but insist on hugging you.

Go home and hug your mother.

5. When people say they are ‘surprised’ you know about football.

zikoko- toxic friends

I’m surprised at your level of intelligence too, but did you see me open my mouth to say it?

6. How people react when you say you don’t like cooking.

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But that’s their wahala anyway.

7. When people attack you for saying you don’t want children.

zikoko- people In Relationships

Oh dear Jesus, not again.

8. Or that you don’t want to marry.

If it’s die you want to die, better die now. None of that noise will change my decision.

9. Men gearing up to call you ashawo for everything, including breathing.

Lol, that’s your cup of tea, dear. In this life, every one of us na ashawo. Talk another thing.

10. Your face every time someone says you are a feminist because you hate men.

Lmao. You people already hate yourself. There’s no point wasting my precious hatred on you.


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