Fuad October 30th Day 39 Guinea

We Fell Sick Halfway Through Jollof Road

It’s day 39, one day short of 40 days on the road, and Toke and I are currently in the hospital. We are not dead, or dying. In fact, we are recovering, but somehow, all the risky food we’ve been eating and maybe some of the stress that comes with being on the road has finally caught up with us.

It’s interesting that in all this time that we’ve been on the road, we haven’t fallen sick. Does this somehow speak to our resilience as Nigerians? With the way we’ve been eating, we should have been down since day 3. (See evidence below.) But that hasn’t been the case. More on this later.

We are currently in a hospital in Guinea. It’s called First Aid Action Guinea and is located in Conakry. After running some tests, the verdicts arrive. For Toke it’s food poisoning and for me, it’s Malaria.

Fact: Malaria remains endemic throughout the West Africa, not just Nigeria.

They have decided to keep me under observation; Toke gets discharged today. The big win in all of this, is the fact that we made sure to get travel insurance before we embarked on our trip. We got travel insurance from Leadway Assurance and importantly, it covers situations like this, sickness.

For now, we’ll focus on resting and getting back on our feet. Tomorrow, we move. You know what they say, we live to try another day.

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