Fuad December 9th Day 79 Nigeria

Today, I remember our friendships

You’ll always see a new place through the lenses of your guide there. The West Africa we saw was mostly hopeful, resilient, and frankly, a pure vibe.

I remember James in Cotonou. I remember Carl for his kindness, and Osahon for his unending enthusiasm in Lome. I remember Jeff, and I remember Kakari. I remember Kelechi, the happy child and window into Accra. I remember Moshood for the best Jollof Road night ever. I remember Daako for the nightlife. I remember Francis and Stephanie and the Comptoir e de Artisans gang in Abidjan. I remember the Kente Don.

I remember the unmatched Dounard in Monrovia, for making that city unforgettable. I remember the Ecobank gang for the royal Hospitality. What about the crew in Conakry? I won’t be forgetting those steaks in a long time.

I remember Fallu in Gambia. I remember Talata lodge, and our hosts. I remember Fatou. I remember the amazing Issam in Bamako, and Masoud. I’ve never cared for a dog like I cared for Pastis.

I remember Majid in Niamey, and our amazing hosts too. I remember Zeenaht in Sokoto, a friend I made a long time ago while I was on the road.

I remember all my friends in Abuja, who I love with the most intense places in my heart.

I remember the two wildlings, Aina and Azeem, two travellers we met off the road, two friends we’ve now made for life. Because road friends are the best.

I remember our big friends too. Ecobank, for trying to kill us with enjoyment everywhere, and making sure we never got stranded, because their tech just worked. Coke, for believing in food as much as we do. Leadway, for coming through that day in Conakry, when we needed them the most. GrowWithGoogle, for believing in our stories.

Then, there’s the most obvious one. The one that said “oh, you should totally check this out!” “Keep going you guys!”

Na you. Thank you for sticking with us. The road is ending, but the real work of sharing everything we found and experienced, has only just begun.

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