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Fuad October 30th

We Fell Sick Halfway Through Jollof Road

It’s day 39, one day short of 40 days on the road, and Toke and I are currently in the hospital. We are not dead, or dying. In fact, we are recovering, but somehow, all the risky food we’ve been eating and maybe some of the stress that comes with being on the road has […]
Fuad September 26th

I’m Scared Of Snakes, But Guess Who Carried A Python Anyway?

Chill, I’ll get to the python part.  I need to tell you about how the morning went. It starts at the Diaspora Hotel where complimentary breakfast is two mini french loaves and a cup of coffee. “This food won’t cut it.” Kayode’s the first to say it and everyone agrees. But life must go on. […]

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