#WomenExplain What They Really Want For Valentine’s

February 13, 2019
You know how Nigerian men like to complain about getting boxers and shirts as gifts? Well, Nigerian women are also tired of getting perfume and cake every year for Valentine’s Day. So if you haven’t gotten anything yet, or you have and your spirit is leading you to give jara here’s what we really want for Valentine’s Day

1 year voucher for any Aso-Ebi gbese that might come up.

No questions asked whether it’s 5k or 50k you’ll just pay.

Not to be taken fi idiat.

Take this Valentine’s day as the beginning of a new year, a chance for a fresh start. If you were moving mad in any woman’s life before better stop it now.

Inches added to her hair.

I don’t really know how you want to do it, maybe intensify your prayers and stop cheating.

Fenty everything, let Rihanna personally call you for buying out a Fenty store.

Because there’s no such thing as too much makeup or skin care products.

This one is for Daddy Bubu, Uncle Atiku or anyone who wins the presidential election.

Please, we want more women in the Presidential Cabinet. It’s 2019, biko do better.

Lynxx’s personal phone number.

We just want to tell him one or two things.

Supply her petrol ever week for a year.

How can you let bae still be carrying jerry can to petrol station.

You are claiming true love and love of your life is still using earphones that have wire.

Please upgrade her flex with these Louis Vuitton wireless earphone. But if your pocket doesn’t reach she can manage airpods.

Peace of mind.

Don’t let anybody’s daughter come to her as a woman.

For you to stop asking her what she wants to eat or where she wants to go eat.

Just be supplying the food. Better still get your Gordon Ramsay on and start making 5-course meals for her every day.

But if you already got her flowers for the 5th year in a row, I guess she could manage that too.

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