It’s always the ghetto for Nigerian women in every setting. On the streets, in public spaces, at home when they live alone and even at work. We already made a list of all the extra things they have to do just to be safe in public spaces, now it’s time to call out all the ghetto things Nigerian women experience at work.

1. Having your career achievements constantly questioned because people assume: you slept with someone to get them or were favored just because you’re a woman.

If indeed it all boiled down to sex or just being a woman, how come every woman is not already at the top somewhere? Are they not woman enough?

2. Being assigned domestic roles at work like sharing food, sweeping or serving.

 For the record, nobody wears Ninewest heels and a body cinching corporate gown to come and serve food or sweep the office. And last we checked “office governess” is not on the KPI.

3. Having to accord junior male colleagues more respect “as men” despite having rank over them.

Make it make sense please.

4. Always having to use pacifying words like “just” and “sorry” to avoid being perceived as arrogant or aggressive.

A man could say the exact same thing but when it comes from a woman it’s suddenly rude. Like the femininity of the speaker is the one factor that just makes everything impolite.

 5. Always having to wear a happy and cheerful face even when you don’t feel like it to avoid being seen as a “bitch”.

zikoko - Nigerian Women Experience At Work

You don’t hear anyone telling men to “smile now” because “dem too dey strong face” .But women cannot even rest their face in peace without someone coming to chaperone their facial expressions.

 6. But at the same time not being too cheerful, so people don’t think you’re dense.

zikoko - Nigerian Women Experience At Work

We told you it’s the ghetto.

7. Chesting constant interruptions when talking or just been talked over by men.

zikoko - Nigerian Women Experience At Work

And if you decide to call them out on it they say you are being too sensitive or you are being emotional. If a woman dares to interrupt or talk over a man the entire meeting will be paused so she can receive a lecture on why manhood is supreme and how women should learn to submit.

 8. Repeating yourself over and over again to get your point across.

zikoko - Nigerian Women Experience At Work

Because people were blatantly not even paying attention the first 5 times you said it.

 9. Having men blatantly ogle you, stare at your cleavage, size you up, and make passes at you even in corporate settings.

With glaring audacity.

Did we miss any other ghetto thing ghetto things Nigerian women experience at work? Drop it in the comments.

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